Why PG?

Why should you invest in Prince George BC? Below is a list of just a few reasons. Scroll to the bottom to print this list or click on the ones that are underlined to read more.


  • Court House Downtown Prince George

    Canada 2015 Winter Games

  • Terasen 100+ new jobs $1.5 Million Investment
  • Telus 100 New jobs $2.5 Million Investment
  • New $25 Million RCMP Detachment
  • New Leading Tax Incentive Program
  • Wood Innovation Centre 10 Story Wood Building
  • Canada Post building just bought by Bid Construction
  • Community District Energy System under Constrution

Prince George and Region

  • 1.2% Population growth during a severe downturn!
  • KPMG Competitive Study, #1 in Pacific Northwest
  • Lumber Sales to China will surpass 4 Billion board feet this year and continues to skyrocket also driving up prices
  • NW Transmission line unlocking $15B in opportunity
  • Cancer Clinic
  • Site C Dam progressing to Phase III
  • RIdley Island Terminal at Capacity $90 Million Expansion Announced
  • CN Intermodal Centre in Prince George over Capacity 8 years ahead of schedule, 60% Increased Expansion just announced
  • Prince George Airport YXS

    Prince George Airport (YXS)

    Endako Mines

  • Mt. Milligan
  • Prosperity Mines
  • Record Mining Exploration
  • Phase II of Fairview Port in Prince Rupert
  • Commodity Prices continue to climb due to China’s demand
  • Prince George is ideally situated with our airport, the port and the fastest route between North America and Asia
  • Pellet Industry, China is now demanding 15% Green Energy for all new ventures. Pellets are considered Green
  • Enbridge Pipeline and Kitimat LNG projects
  • Alcan has started on their $2.5B modernization
  • Canfor $100M into Green Energy, significant improvement in Air quality once completed.

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