Clint Dahl

Clint Dahl Realtor Prince GeorgeLike many residents, Clint Dahl came back to Prince George BC for ‘just one year’. That was 16 years ago!

He has stayed and now proudly calls Prince George home because of the community and opportunities here. Clint believes that his city is on the forefront of the economic shift of the world into Asia.

As an innate connector and a people person, Clint has been recognized as a real estate consultant gifted in speaking the language of many stakeholders. He doesn’t just help to vision, he is also a connector and an action taker that makes things happen. He has taken an idea from a conversation to finding the partners, developers, stakeholders and connecting them together for the largest private development in downtown Prince George’s history.

With a traditional real estate license combined with being certified commercial investment member (CCIM), he is able to share his knowledge and expertise for deals of any size. Unlike the typical real estate license, CCIM status has taught him how to perform investment, financial, and market analysis for his clients at a whole other caliber.

Furthermore, as the former Initiatives Prince George Board Chair, together with directors and executives, he was a part of setting the strategic direction for IPG.

His passion for keeping up to date with global economies, and how it can affect the development of Prince George (and surrounding regions) allows him to better explain to his clients the impact the rest of the world has on investments in Prince George.

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